When Words Leave Off, Music Begins.

Organist prepares for services. St. John’s Cathedral, Denver, COQ

The quote in the subject line is from from Heinrich Heine.

4 thoughts on “When Words Leave Off, Music Begins.

  1. Very nice, Sam. You have an instinct for great venues, as you put it. I am constantly impressed with what you bring us visually. I have to wonder what it would be like if the camera had been at floor level. It’s perfect as is, but a wide-angle of this at varying levels could offer something more, maybe. But going prostrate on a church floor would be unseemly … or maybe it would be quite acceptable?


  2. Oh, there are no floors I won’t roll on in pursuit of a shot, and I did in fact get very prone here. On this particular shot, though – I don’t know, maybe it was a feeling that I wanted to be more on a plane with the organist? Not sure. I do expect to post more from this site and I think one at least is floor level.


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