6 thoughts on “Element

    • It is really beautiful – I love the draping of filament light. A beautiful look into the past as these sorts of lights are replaced by the totally un-romantic florescent.


  1. Thanks. When I first tried to get to a position to get the shot – which was harder than it really ought to have been, for reasons I won’t bother you with – I didn’t know what I had. I was a little surprised at the bulb once I got a good look at it. I was basically just screwing around, shooting anything and everything, and this may wind up being the best shot of the day.


  2. Great photo– my son is working towards becoming a lighting designer…I might need a print of this…. prices? I like the footlights one too.


    • Hi Jeanne, and thanks. I was surprised by this one. That bulb is wonderful and a macro lens lets me see things I might otherwise miss.

      Pricing varies according to size and media. My recommended options these days are either the canvas wrap or the new infused aluminum process from DuraPlaq. What did you have in mind? If you like I can email you to discuss details.

      And you, of course, get the friends and family discount… 🙂


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