Grey & Gold

Denver Art Museum

Denver Art Museum

2 thoughts on “Grey & Gold

  1. Sam, some richness, lushness, wallow in the colors featured are taking me over right now.

    Not much else to say other than the 50% break you used in the composition. Straight up the middle. Hmm. Generally to be avoided at all cost because of boredom, but the small flavoring particle you left at the end, the smallish four-sided figure figure (though you can see the connection to the main image) is just joyful.


  2. Yeah, I thought about that middle screen composition. In this case I liked it because it’s sort of belied by everything else. To my eye it actually looks, thanks to the weight of some elements, the light and shadow, etc, as though it’s not as centered as it actually is. So for me there’s a tension there, almost an illusion.

    Glad you enjoyed it. I hope you realize when you see one like this just how much I’ve been listening when you talk…


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