Miss Tatters

Antique Dolls

Antique dolls

4 thoughts on “Miss Tatters

  1. Agreed. These are, as I mentioned from the beginning, great pieces. Please start building on some of the central qualities that give them a special feel. I know this sounds silly, but could you carry any of their qualities: surface, lighting, placement, etc., to say, dishes in a 1937 kitchen? Hmm?

    You could begin defining an entire era in terms of modern understanding.

    Good work, though.


  2. Yeah, although this particular series is going to be tough to replicate with some of what you’re talking about. Goth dishes?

    In general, though, yes. I obviously have this urge to explore the darker side of things. This is very much, technically, what I’ve been doing with flowers, for instance. So I think the voice is there – it’s just about finding applications and then understanding how to adapt to the specific artifacts.


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