RiNo District, Denver

RiNo Street Art, Denver

4 thoughts on “M-Theory

  1. I may have it wrong here, but there’s a very nice creative aspect to the idea of photographically shooting a real mural, and making the sky a mural of stars.
    I’m assuming that is not the natural sky, unless things have changed a lot in Denver since I was last there. Interesting concept that could be carried into many other pieces, this combination of reality and unreality.


    • No, that sky is courtesy of On1. I’ve been sort of searching around, looking at talented shooters and artists to get ideas. Something I saw this morning made me think back on this series, which I thought I had pretty much exhausted.

      The new Candlefall work isn’t restricted by the rules of photography – fuckery is the order of the day – and yeah, the unreality was the goal here. A slight drop of SURreality, actually. That’s a bright midday shot with a flat, featureless sky. So I wanted to overlay nighttime on it, but in a way that wasn’t fully night or day in the viewer’s experience. No matter how you look at it the light isn’t quite right, but there’s an odd twilight effect and an amping of certain color spectra that hopefully make it compelling.

      As I have said, Candlefall is about expressing what has been in my head since I was a teen, a task I have never, even in my best moments, more than hinted at in other (ahem, writing) forms. I want dark, I want alien, I want things to be a bit … off. And I want there to be an intuitive beauty about it all that’s hard to describe in words.

      As a former classmate once said of Charles Wright, “I don’t know what it means, but I feel something.”


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