Bonnie Brae Ice Cream: Denver Neon

2 thoughts on “Bonnie Brae Ice Cream: Denver Neon

  1. Sam – gorgeous capture with the blue hour. There are so many things to observe in this shot – even with all that neon my eye immediately fell to the Yes we make it here sign. I also found myself enjoying the people you captured as well – I’m so glad they are part of the shot. Thanks for sharing this series of neon shots.


  2. Thanks, Dawn. I feel like I need to go back one of these evenings and have another run at some things. The guy on the right playing the flute was interesting, but I don’t think the shots I got of him do it justice. But that’s about the happiest street corner in town, and the architecture of the place and the neon are catnip to a shooter like me.


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