Holy Ghost: Leadville, Colorado

6 thoughts on “Holy Ghost: Leadville, Colorado

  1. I like this a lot Sam…interestingly when I first opened it up the bottom was cropped on my screen just cutting off the top of the weathered building to the right of the church. It’s wrong to suggest modifications to somebody else’s art…but I like that one even better!


  2. This is one of those lemonade-from-lemons moments. I obviously wasn’t there at a great time of the day and the elements were not on my side, so I tried another approach. Nobody would ever buy this, but I think it tells a story.


  3. Very neat shot. Iconic. A great twist with the outhouse … something I, at least, never consider in my mental images of the one-room schoolhouse. I assume that’s what this is with the bell and no cross. I’m uncertain about it since my first impression was that it was a small church. The under-exposure works well, providing a great moody feeling to the image. What are they teaching in there? Is this thing on blocks, making it mobile? A mobile center of evil, traveling from small-town place, to place. The writer in me suggests there is something awful infusing itself into the people gathered inside. Great story-teller (or inspiration-maker) of an image.
    My apologies (sort of) to those who found it inspirational in a positive way.


  4. You may be right about it being a school instead of a church. I missed that.

    I’m a little surprised that anyone sees this as more than a practice shot, though. Lots of response on Ello, too. The light was horrible, I’m shooting into the sun – it’s just not a pretty pic, I don’t think. The one thing I really like is all the subtle color in the clouds.

    This is why we experiment, I guess.


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