Mt. Meeker: Ansel Adams vs Pretty Color Boy

Again, can’t decide which I like better.

5 thoughts on “Mt. Meeker: Ansel Adams vs Pretty Color Boy

  1. For me, Sam, my choice is color. It helps me organize the information in the image and know what’s happening. I’m not a pro with Ansel, but if you were to try to follow him a bit, I’d say that you might find it helpful to take a look at your blacks, whites, and greys as blocks of information. Your image above has a great sky and mountain, but without the organization that color gives us in the foreground, I get kind of lost in the B&W at that point with the random smatttering of black grass in the white snow. Do a Goggle Images search on Ansel and I think you’ll find that he groups his swaths of whites, blacks, and greys, and rarely does any shade creep into another and break up its integrity. Your foreground of whites and browns is quite broken. Certainly, this isn’t the case for all his work, but it is a “rule” I’ve taken from his work.
    Try this. Crop your image from top down to the start of the grass/hill area. In other words, kill the bottom 1/3. I find it helps set a singular, solid image in place for me.
    Have fun. And I’m impressed … you’re doing a whole lot more shooting right now than I am.


  2. I agree with Greg. Both are two different tastes for two different mindsets. What I’d like to see in both is a little more shadow detail in the line of trees that runs roughly through the center of the images.


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