Howdy – recut

4 thoughts on “Howdy – recut

  1. Sam, I’ve been comparing the old vs. the new, and have settled on the older version. That had more string off to the right, and a blank, darkish and undefined area off to the left which just filled up with sinister for me. While this second one is nicely cropped, I think it is too clean, the organization removes the potential of random something (violence?) and it lacks some of that rampant uncertainty of the first crop.


    • It’s all a personal thing, Sam. What you find as an “unsettling intimacy of the new crop,” is to me far too much concentration on the item, and not enough on the context. The effect is what Denny writes about below.
      Just a note … two consecutive chapters of my second novel begin with, “Context is everything.” Certainly this isn’t universally true, you have created some wonderful images of the hood ornaments, for example, where context is minimal. But when you’re dealing with generating an emotion, perhaps context provides a lot of cues we humans need to make sense of the object.


  2. I’ll add the crop removes the curtain behind Howdy – and, of course the potential evil lies behind the curtain… also this cropped out the green/blue yarn in the first shot. That element caught my eye – it’s the wrong color, age and material vs the other strings… it might have bad intent.
    Nice capture of a delightfully creepy object. 🙂


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