109: Old Elitch Gardens Theater – color

We have a request for the color version of this shot.

Original seats, Old Elitch Gardens Theater

Original seats, Old Elitch Gardens Theater

3 thoughts on “109: Old Elitch Gardens Theater – color

  1. Thank you Sam. I do like this better – I find myself lingering in the details longer. I can imagine the people that sat in the seats – seeing the wear patterns in the paint. The other version (forgive me) looked like a dusty old set of theatre seats. 🙂


  2. I would agree with Dawn on this one. The sense of people living in this place for those few precious hours of entertainment, or family pleasures, or whatever is almost palpable. I’m involved with this version.

    The B&W was good in its own right, however. It forced me to deal directly with the shapes and repetition. So, again, the author’s intent really matters here. Oops. Did I just utter an anti-postmodern notion?


  3. I like both versions. But I like most of all the notion of focusing on one seat rather than several or an auditorium’s worth. A single seat suggests memories of a person, and the people, who sat in that seat, shared the same POV … Intellectually, this is a brilliant image.


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