1967 Le Mans: Door Handle

A guy in my building discovered that I sort of specialize in classic cars. Turns out he has a 1967 Le Mans he’s restoring. He asked if I’d be interested in doing a before and after thing. That’s not the sort of request I’m likely to refuse. So I went out Thursday and shot for an hour or two, and here’s the first one I have processed. No idea what his preferences are going to be like, so I’m going to do two or three looks early on to see what he responds to.

First, a relatively tame HDR look.

Next we add a classic camera filter with a bit of grunge to the shot.

Finally, a black & white treatment.

2 thoughts on “1967 Le Mans: Door Handle

  1. I liked that one best, too, but I think the owner is really shooting for archival/documentary in the before sessions. So we’ll be processing for realism from here on out. Be good practice for me.


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